Gianrico Agresta

Concert master

Born in 1981, I studied at the Scuola Civica di Musica in Milan until 2002.

Abandoned the music academics accacdemici the eighth year, following the choice to pursue the path of Fine Arts, I continued to play on all occasions that I have presented myself: in collaboration with young emerging talents of the cultured underground Milan, I embraced genres and contexts among the most diverse, such as jazz, folk, pop, tango, bossanova.

Over the years I have played in the underwood of the amateur orchestras and Milanese ensembles to form in 2016 a quartet dedicated to the classical repertoire, the Lunae Quartet, and to sit in the ranks of Franciacorta's Orcehstra Sinfonica for some symphonic repertoire concerts and especially on occasion of the tour for the presentation of "Alt", a recent Renato Zero album.

Thanks to the historical attendance of M.tro Mattaliano, I sit at the helm of the string quartet of the project "A New Jazz String Theory".

Chiara Giovagnoli


Dario Bevacqua


Giacomo Molteni